Creation & Creator…

So a few weeks ago I heard this, “The creation is supposed to make us think about the creator…but instead we worship the creation.” Now I could go many different directions here, but I don’t want to lose us in the main idea. When we see anything in creation…even food…we should be responding to the creator. We have so distorted this and began to worship the creation or the parts of it.
So as I’ve been faced this week by some of the most spectacular views and aspects of the creation…I’ve been really focusing on the worship, the awesomeness of the creator. I love looking at the colors, the textures, the variety, and the complexity of all things in creation and how it all fits and works together. and yes this does make me think of God and how this could not possibly be some kind of cosmic accident but a beautiful and artfully crafted design…a planned celebration of the glory and power of God.
So stop and look at the creation. Expect to be turned back to the creator. He will draw close to Him.

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